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Luxury Carpet

Pure luxury and hardwearing practicality never looked so good.

The amazing Dupont Certified Luxura Carpet enhanced with Teflonô is one of the world's most sophisticated carpets.

It combines rich, plush texture with the incredible stain-resistant qualities of Dupont Teflonô, and is manufactured exclusively by one of the world's largest carpet manufacturers, Redbook Carpets.

The luxury comes alive with an inspirational array of styles and colours of carpet from which to choose. In fact, we make it easy to indulge your imagination with an amazingly diverse colour palette. Think of your floor as a blank canvas.

An exciting opportunity to create any mood you desire. And, with an extensive range of colours and styles, Luxura makes your decorating decisions easier than ever.


Brintons are renowned for their superior quality woven carpets across the world.

They control every step of their manufacturing including yarn production, design and weaving to ensure the carpet that arrives at your home is made to the highest standard known in the carpet industry.

Their genuine wover Axminster and Wilton carpets have styles and patterns to suit any home or commercial application.

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