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Finding the right carpet style for your needs is important to us so we have come up with a guide (below) which will help you to make an informed decision when considering the carpet that is right for your lifestyle.
Once you have chosen a style that you like you will need to consider the performance that you want to achieve from your carpet. The carpets in each of these styles are available in varying thicknesses, weights and fibres. All of these factors will affect the life and durability of your carpet.
The other very important consideration is colour. This is often the hardest and most confusing step when choosing a carpet, as each of the different styles have a broad spectrum of colours available. Our salespeople are familiar with current trends in colour and texture so we can help you make a decision on your carpet colour to suit your entire colour scheme.

The most popular of all styles are the Cut Pile Carpets. These are designed to give a comfortable feel underfoot with Plush Pile Carpet giving a lovely luxurious feel, while a Twist Pile Carpet achieves a longer wear life through it's rugged design.

If durability is more important we suggest you go to the more durable Loop Pile Carpets. The traditional Berber Carpet, with the fleck, or the in vogue Sisal Cord Carpet are renowned for their durability and appearance retention characteristics.

For rich textures and design we suggest you look at the Cut and Loop Carpets. These carpets encompass the two styles to give you a soft carpet with the classic pattern throughout.

Below is a list of the different styles of carpet:

Plush Pile Carpet
These carpets tufts are cut at the same height, creating a luxurious smooth finish. This achieves a plush or velvet look to the carpet. These carpets track and leave footprints which adds to the velvet appearance.

Twist Pile
Wearability has been achieved by twisting two or more yarns together. This appears to have a rugged surface texture which gives the colour depth and character.

Cut & Loop Pile - High-Low
Alternating low loops and high cut piles which create a textured carpet with sculptured patterns.

Loop Pile
These loops are of equal height and provide a durable and hard wearing carpet with a comfortable finish.

Sisal Cord / Modulated Loops
These loops are in rows of varying heights providing a durable and hard wearing carpet with a stylish textured appearance.

This familiar carpet with its earthy and flecked tones has thicker yarns tufted into chunky loops.


By many to be considered as the best carpet yarn, it offers a wide range of natural qualities that prolong its durability and appearance. Wool carpet has a natural resilience, is non-flammable, does not build up static electricity, has a high soil resistance and provides for ease of cleaning. Wool carpet is appreciated by those with a sense of value for high quality fibres.

Wool Blends
Other fibres, which are mainly man made synthetics, are blended with the wool to create extra toughness and durability, as well as making the wool carpet more affordable. This high quality carpet will appear and perform like wool but at a fraction of the cost of 100% wool.

This is also a man made fibre, and although it is very durable, it is better suited for the manufacture of dense loop pile carpets. It is missing the resilience of wool or nylon, but it displays very good stain resistant qualities and is naturally anti-static.

This fibre has similar properties to the polypropylene, but it has good colour retention, abrasion resistance, resistance to sunlight and a soft feel.

Todays nylon carpets have been specialy designed with man made fibres, which are very strong, and produce special durability. Ease of cleaning is the result of mill treatment for stain protection, and the better quality nylon carpets retain excellent appearance. A wide range of colours are available as the raw nylon fibre is white. Amongst the range are de-lustered nylons which provide a more wool like appearance.

Solution Dyed Nylon carpets are available in the domestic market now. These ranges offer superior warranties including 15 year wear and Color fastness. These carpets resis colour fading from the sun and colour loss from harsh cleaning chemicals.

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