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Domestic Carpet We have the ability to source carpet from all Australian Carpet manufactures. The companies listed below are just a few of these.


Redbook Carpets is one of Australia's most recognised brands of carpet.

Manufacturing for over fifty years, they have an enormous selection of stylish and colourful carpets. The Redbook experienced team of designers have put together one of the finest carpet collections in the region.

Focusing on the latest interior fashion trends, your home will come alive with an inspirational array of styles and a diverse palette of colours to choose from.

Redbook Carpets manufactures over 40 products which are sold through an aligned network of branches. Their premium range of products are part of the Luxura Collection.

Click here to view this exclusive collection.


Minster Carpets have been manufacturing carpet since the turn of the century. They have been renowned for producing hardwearing and durable carpets, but have never sacrificed quality, fashion and taste in their development.

Now one of the pre-eminent brands of carpet across this region, they produce over 40 products that are distributed through aligned retail networks.


Inspired by nature, the Invicta brand of carpets have been part of Australian life for over fifty years. Specialising in the development of wool and wool blend carpets, Invicta will bring beauty, style and comfort to any environment.

Invicta manufacture over 200 products that are distributed through aligned retailers across Australia and New Zealand.


With the passing of time and ever-evolving requirements of markets, the products have changed to fulfil customer needs.

Today, Godfrey Hirst manufactures high quality carpets and floor coverings. With the introduction of new technology, Godfrey Hirst proudly offers carpet designs that achieve acclaimed success within Australia and internationally.

Godfrey Hirst continues to be a leader in Australia and international markets. Today, products and technology are at the leading edge to satisfy a greater customer base, in more homes, in more offices, in more countries.

A special selection of carpets made especially for The Carpet Man to reflect the current trends in colour and style.

These carpets have a quality range to suite all budgets and tastes. They consist of Wool, Nylon and Wool Blend carpets made in Australia by the worlds leading carpet manufacturer.


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